Protect the quality of temperature-sensitive assets

Helping you keep the cold things cold

When it comes to perishable and temperature-sensitive goods, one small error can lead to costly spoilage or recalls. Cold chain management solutions from Bell automatically record temperature levels and provide real-time alerts when they fall outside safe ranges. This means you can be sure assets are stored and transported safely, so your business stays compliant and continues to meet customer expectations.

How your business can benefit from cold chain monitoring solutions

Quality assurance

Automated compliance

Paperless processes

Cold chain monitoring solutions


Food production

Pharmaceutical cold chain

From manufacturing to point of administration, keep vaccines, drugs and diluents stored safely within strict temperature ranges at each stage of the cold chain. Plus, get alerts of any anomalies that might affect the potency or integrity of biopharmaceuticals, ensuring treatment quality and safety for patients.

Food production management

Simplify operations by consolidating food safety, batch processing, quality assurance, vendor management, traceability and inventory control processes into one digital platform. Automation helps ensure food quality and regulatory compliance, avoiding costly recalls.

Why Bell is better for business

Canada’s largest LTE-M network1

Compared to the next-largest national provider, Bell provides 97% more LTE-M coverage across Canada.

World-class network

Power your solutions with Canada’s best national network for IoT2, which outperforms all other national wireless carriers for combined data, reliability and network coverage.
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End-to-end support

Our team of IoT experts can help plan, design, implement and manage the cold chain management solutions that are right for your business.

Leader in security

Our highly secure private infrastructure and team of 400+ accredited security professionals help keep your data safe.

Best selection of global IoT platforms

Get a complete view of your entire network of IoT-connected devices, no matter where they’re located, with exclusive IoT platforms powered by Jasper and Ericsson.

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Management platforms

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(1) Based on total square km of coverage on the shared LTE-M network available from Bell vs. Rogers’ LTE network.
(2) Based on a third party score (Global Wireless Solutions OneScoreTM) calculated using wireless network testing in Canada against other national wireless networks of combined data, voice, reliability and network coverage. Visit