Advanced protection for your IoT solutions

Managed loT Security, exclusively from Bell

With new technologies like big data, artificial intelligence and automation disrupting traditional business models, more and more businesses are embracing the Internet of Things (IoT) to power digital transformation, streamline operations and gain deeper insight into their value chains. With this transformation, organizations are also looking for cyber resilience strategies that will keep their data safe.

Bell is the first and only carrier in Canada to offer a Managed IoT Security Service, and has the most comprehensive set of IoT security features. Combining advanced security technologies and proactive 24/7 monitoring from a dedicated team of more than 190 accredited security professionals, Bell offers a fully managed security service that monitors, detects, responds to and helps prevent cyber-attacks on IoT solutions and connectivity.

How your business can benefit from Managed IoT Security services

Streamlined operations

24/7 monitoring

Reliable protection

Regulatory compliance

Your IoT solutions are more secure with Bell

A modern organization relies on IoT technology to operate efficiently, so it’s critical that those systems stay up and running. Managed IoT Security from Bell benefits many industries by helping ensure data and IoT investments stay safer and more secure.




Energy & natural resources

Smart cities


Our IoT solutions help enhance omni-channel experiences, optimize operations and provide personalized experiences.

With Managed IoT Security from Bell, your IoT deployments are better protected, so your business can continue to:

  • Effectively manage inventory with real-time visibility into product availability and the status of incoming deliveries
  • Monitor and track shipments to assure timely fulfillment of customer orders
  • Engage visitors with timely, targeted messages and information
  • Prevent spoilage by monitoring the temperature of perishable items
  • Monitor the supply chain to ensure compliance with food and safety regulations


Our IoT solutions help maximize operational efficiencies and protect information security, helping you provide superior guest experiences.

With Managed IoT Security from Bell, your IoT deployments are better protected, so your business can continue to:

  • Provide a more secure guest experience from lobby to suite with monitoring across the premises
  • Deliver fast and personalized service to VIPs with facial recognition technology
  • Keep guests safer and more comfortable with surveillance features and environmental controls
  • Monitor the temperature of perishable items to minimize the risk of food-borne illnesses and help ensure compliance


Our IoT solutions can help create new revenue streams, maximize operational efficiencies and optimize processes.

With Managed IoT Security from Bell, your IoT deployments are better protected, so your business can continue to:

  • Monitor facilities in real time to help prevent asset tampering, ensure smooth operations and keep staff safer
  • Collect machine performance data to proactively diagnose issues, helping increase production uptime and maximize capital investments
  • Monitor temperature and humidity levels in fridges, freezers, dry storage and vehicles to help ensure compliance with regulations

Energy & natural resources

Our IoT solutions help gather data insights to improve workplace safety and enhance the productivity of remote workers.

With Managed IoT Security from Bell, your IoT deployments are better protected, so your business can continue to:

  • Protect employee safety with continuous monitoring of sensitive assets, helping prevent chemical exposure, gas leaks and fires
  • Optimize delivery routes based on real-time tank level information, helping reduce time and costs
  • Know when tools or vehicles leave designated areas so steps can be taken to protect investments and prevent theft
  • Stay compliant with government tank filling regulations

Smart cities

Our IoT solutions gather data and insights to support decision-making, stimulate economic growth, drive sustainability and increase citizen engagement.

With Managed IoT Security from Bell, your IoT deployments are better protected, so your city can continue to:

  • Promote public safety and drive citizen engagement with smart kiosks
  • Maintain infrastructure integrity with predictive analytics that detect water main leaks, anomalies in energy consumption and more
  • Meet reduction targets for carbon emissions and support sustainability plans
  • Keep traffic moving with real-time parking information

Why partner with Bell for IoT?

Canada’s best national network for IoT2

The Bell network outperforms all other national wireless carriers for combined data, voice, reliability and network coverage.
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Exclusive service

Bell is Canada’s first and only carrier to offer an IoT-specific managed security service with the most comprehensive security features.

Leader in security

Bell has been recognized as an IDC Market Space security services leader for three years in a row, and is trusted by governments and banks.

End-to-end expertise

Our dedicated team of 190+ experienced and accredited security professionals can design, implement and manage leading-edge security services and operations centres to help keep your business protected.

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  1. For more information, please see
  2. Based on a third party score (Global Wireless Solutions OneScore™) calculated using wireless network testing in Canada against other national wireless networks of combined data, voice, reliability and network coverage.