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Business Fibe TV Support

Receiver and remote controls

How to program my Bell Business Fibe TV Slim Remote

Follow these instructions to program your Bell Business Fibe Slim remote to control your TV’s power, volume and mute commands:
1. Turn on your TV and Business Fibe receiver.
2. Press and hold Options for 3 seconds, until the green light flashes twice.
3. Within 10 seconds, enter the 4-digit code for the brand of your TV (see table below), or use 0001 to search through all brands.
4. Code TV Manufacturer
0001 Search all brands
0022 Fluid
0021 Phillips
0020 Samsung
0019 Sony
0018 Toshiba
0017 LG
0016 Sharp
0015 Funai/Emerson
0014 Panasonic
0013 Sanyo
0012 RCA
0011 Vizio
0010 Insignia
5. Hold down the POWER button until your TV turns off. This could take up to 5 minutes for a popular brand or up to 15 minutes to search through all brands. The green light will slowly blink as it cycles through all the TV manufacturer codes.
6. Once your TV switches off, let go of the power button and press SELECT. The green light will blink twice to confirm it has been successfully programmed.
If the green light blinks 5 times, it means the remote has searched through the list of available codes and hasn’t found a match. If this occurs, please start again at Step 2 and enter code 0001 to find an alternate code which could work with your TV. If a correct code is still not found, the remote will control your Business Fibe receiver only

Last updated: October 27, 2014