Transfer of Responsibility

Transfer of Responsibility

What is a Transfer of Responsibility?

At your request, Bell can transfer some of the business services you subscribe to (whether under a contract term or not) to another person. You remain responsible for the services until the process is finished. Your account must be paid in full before the transfer is complete.

How do I request a Transfer of Responsibility?

If you are the current business owner, you must start the Transfer of Responsibility process by filling out and submitting the request form here. The new owner must then complete the form.

The transfer process begins once all of the required current and new owner information has been provided. You will receive a confirmation email once your request has been successfully completed. A $65 administration fee applies.

What responsibilities do I assume when I accept a Transfer of Responsibility request?

Once the process is complete, you are responsible for all billing accounts, contracts and any directory advertising associated with the business you are taking over.

How long does a Transfer of Responsibility take?

After we receive all of the information required, the transfer process will be completed within 2 business days. If the required information is not provided within 5 business days, the request will expire.