Posted June 30, 2021

Bell is the first Canadian service provider to receive the Cisco Advanced Customer Experience Specialization

Bell is the first Canadian service provider to receive the Cisco Advanced Customer Experience Specialization. This specialization recognizes Bell’s commitment and expertise in providing end-to-end support throughout a value-added lifecycle model, while helping customers maximize the value of their Cisco technology investments. Bell has proven its strong customer success practice by:
  • Demonstrating customer success activities that helped Canadian businesses ensure the successful deployment of the right Cisco technologies
  • Assisting customers in achieving success by attaining the full value of their investment
  • Investing in certified Customer Success Managers, Renewal Managers and Customer Experience Managers to solidify a customer-focused lifecycle practice
Robert Anderson, Partner Service Sales Leader of Cisco Canada, recognizes the achievement: “Congratulations Bell Canada on achieving the Cisco Advanced Customer Experience Specialization. This truly is a testament to the partnership, innovation and foresight that Bell continues to demonstrate in the marketplace, leading with transformational change. By achieving Cisco’s advanced level of customer specialization, Bell has demonstrated that it is uniquely qualified to support our customers across the full lifecycle of Cisco’s solutions, and thus delivering compelling business outcomes to help ensure customer success.” Giovanni Sansalone, Vice President, Product and Professional Services of Bell Business Markets, also acknowledges the milestone: “I am very pleased that Bell Canada has successfully achieved the Cisco Advanced Customer Experience Specialization, becoming the first service provider in Canada to do so. Our Customer Success Practice can help Canadian businesses maximize the return on their Cisco investments, and drive greater value to clients and their employees.” For over 25 years, Bell and Cisco have been committed to delivering the next generation of services to help securely connect Canadian businesses, so that they can continue to service their customers and support their employees. Bell and Cisco will continue to bring innovative solutions to customers, to help customers realize the expected value from their solutions, now and in the future.

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