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Public safety LMR
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Land Mobile Radio (LMR) systems enable public safety users to connect instantly, securely and reliably over dedicated, private networks for mission-critical situations.

Bell offers access to the complete radio communications network package including industry leading radio hardware, network infrastructure, dispatch solutions and software applications to ensure land mobile radio networks meet specific reliability, resiliency, capacity and coverage needs - guaranteed.

Public Safety LMR features & benefits

Why partner with Bell

An experienced leader in public safety

For more than 30 years Bell has supported thousands of first responders with their secure two-way communication needs. We have a dedicated centre of excellence whose sole focus is to ensure these networks meet the needs of public safety users.


Bell provides the largest customized geographic coverage across Canada. We own, operate and maintain LMR networks for more than 70,000 public safety and essential service users, commercial organizations, and deliver communications interoperability across multiple disciplines, over large areas.


Bell specializes in designing and delivering APCO P25 public safety radio networks beyond carrier grade standards. Our dedicated networks are built to the highest standards of reliability, availability, redundancy and security demanded by mission critical public safety users.

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Bell works with more manufacturers than any other provider in Canada. We bring your business the largest selection and greatest flexibility, so you can meet your operational requirements and budget constraints.

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