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LTE and LTE Advanced

Canada’s best national network for mobility solutions and IoT1

LTE (Long Term Evolution) is a gold standard in wireless network technologies. LTE Advanced, an evolution of LTE, is one of the world’s fastest and most advanced wireless technologies. LTE Advanced delivers even faster speeds, greater stability and higher capacity to support more devices.

Why LTE and LTE Advanced

Gigabit download speeds

Theoretical download speeds of up to 1 Gbps (expected average speeds of 25–280 Mbps) in select cities with certain devices.2

Stronger signal

Better in-building and underground coverage, and a more reliable network connection, deliver a stronger signal in more places.

A more reliable connection

The vast majority of cell towers are connected with fibre, the best network technology, for a stronger, more reliable connection.

Carrier-grade network security

As an industry leader in network security, Bell helps to ensure your customer data stays safe and secure on our LTE network.

Coast-to-coast coverage

We cover over 34 million Canadians. Bell’s LTE Advanced network already covers over 94% of the Canadian population.

Why partner with Bell

Canada’s best national network

Global Wireless Solutions conducted the biggest test of networks in Canada, ranking Bell #1. When measuring combined data, voice, reliability and network coverage, we outperformed every single national wireless carrier across the board.

Leader in innovation

We invest more than $4 billion each year in our next-gen network infrastructure to ensure your business always benefits from the latest technology.

Most LTE roaming destinations

Bell ensures you have global coverage, the most LTE roaming destinations, and network services to operate wherever your business takes you.

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1. Based on a third party score (Global Wireless Solutions OneScore™) calculated using wireless network testing in Canada against other national wireless networks of combined data, voice, reliability and network coverage. Visit
2. Areas covered with available peak speeds: Regina, Saskatoon, Swift Current, North Battleford, Prince Albert, Yorkton, Estevan, Weyburn, Moose Jaw