Power your business with fast, secure and reliable fibre connectivity.

One connection, many possibilities

Whether you’re looking to back up massive volumes of data, host high-quality video conferences or conduct near-instantaneous point-of-sale transactions, your enterprise needs fast, reliable connectivity. That’s what Bell's fibre-based business services deliver.

With fibre, multiple connectivity options such as Internet and/or private networks can be delivered over the same physical access for a more efficient network connection. Fibre also makes it possible to run many complex voice, video and data applications over a single connection – and add new ones as needed. And with companies moving their information and business applications to the cloud, connectivity quality and speed are more important than ever.

Benefits of using fibre for your business


Better signal




Why choose Bell for your business’ network

Canada’s most advanced fibre-optic network

With the largest all-optical network in the country and speeds of up to 100 GB for Wavelength service, you can do everything faster – from point-of-sale transactions to data uploads, backups, file sharing and more.

End-to-end support

With more than 3,000 certified professionals across the country, we can help design, implement and manage the connectivity solution your business needs – all backed by 24/7 bilingual support.

Leader in innovation

We invest more than $3 billion each year in our network to ensure you can always count on Bell for unparalleled speed, performance and reliability.

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