Looking for plans for 1–99 lines?

Canada’s fastest 5G network1 is taking mobile speeds to new heights.

Stay connected no matter where you are.

Expect what you do with your phone to be faster and more responsive with 5G.

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Rate plans

Shared data plans2

Share your data across your organization starting with 5 GB per line.

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Unlimited data plans2

Get our fastest available 5G speeds with unlimited data.*

*Beyond the high-speed data limit designated in your plan, speeds are up to 512 Kbps.
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All plans include
Unlimited Canada-wide calling3
Unlimited Canada-wide text, picture and video messages4
Call Display and Message Centre5
Call Waiting and Conference Calling6
Call Forwarding
9-1-1 access7
Access to the Bell 5G network on any 5G-capable device
Network in select markets8
Optional Daily Roam feature when travelling internationally

Why choose Bell?

Canada’s best national network1

Bell outperforms all other wireless carriers on combined data, voice, reliability and network coverage. By investing nearly $4 billion annually, we keep your workforce connected wherever they are on Canada’s best national network.

Leader in network security

Bell has a highly secure private infrastructure and a team of 400+ accredited security professionals to help keep your data safe.

Dedicated business solutions

Bell’s best-in-class business security, management solutions and team of experts can help you manage your corporate devices and workforce.

End-to-end support

Our team of experts is dedicated to helping you plan, transition and support your mobile solutions.
  1. Based on a third party score (Global Wireless Solutions OneScore™) calculated using wireless network testing in Canada against other national wireless networks. Learn more.
  2. A one-time Connection Service Fee ($50) applies per member.
  3. Applies to calls made from Canada to a Canadian number or calls received from any number while you are inside Canada. Only available in Canada.
  4. Sent texts include texts sent to a Canadian phone number while in Canada and excludes texts sent to a landline, texts sent to a U.S. or international phone number, premium texts (short codes), alerts, texts sent with a messaging application and roaming (international GSM texts). Received texts include texts received while in Canada and excludes roaming, premium texts (short codes), alerts or dial-up texts received from a messaging application. Out-of-bundle charges may apply.
  5. Includes 25 5-minute messages.
  6. Simultaneous use of airtime.
  7. A provincial government 9-1-1 fee may apply where applicable: QC: $0.45/mo., NS: $0.42/mo., AB: $0.95/mo., NB: $0.97/mo., SK: $1.95/mo., PE: $0.69/mo., NL: $0.74/mo., NWT: $1.69/mo.
  8. Based on a third party score (Global Wireless Solutions OneScore™) calculated using wireless network testing in Canada against other wireless networks. 5G is available with compatible devices. Coverage is approximate; actual coverage may vary and may not include indoor coverage; see bell.ca/5G. The 5G network symbol appearing on a 5G device while in use means that 5G is available on the Bell network in the surrounding local area of the device. Speed, performance and whether a 5G device uses the available 5G depend on various factors including topography, environmental conditions, the current serving radio conditions at your location, and whether the device is actively downloading or uploading data and subject to Bell’s Internet traffic management practices (e.g., priority access to emergency personnel and critical infrastructure personnel). See bell.ca/ITMP. Outside 5G areas, 5G devices will continue to have access to our fastest 4G speeds available.