Business continuity made easy with Wireless Backup service from Bell

Keep your mission-critical services and applications up and running with Wireless Backup service from Bell. If your wired Internet connection is disrupted for any reason, the LTE failover service automatically switches you over to the Bell wireless network, minimizing the impacts on your business.

How your business can benefit from Wireless Backup service from Bell

Complement your existing Internet solution with a simple, cost-effective way to limit the impacts of downtime.
Automatic failover

Maintain business continuity without lifting a finger

Our service automatically switches you to wireless connectivity as soon as any disruption to your wired Internet connection is detected. Once it’s restored, the switch back is automatic.

Maximize uptime

Seamless experience enabling continued productivity

The switchover from your wired Internet connection to wireless connectivity is seamless, so your customers and employees can keep doing business as usual. That helps you reduce the risks associated with network and application downtime, such as lost revenue.

Access diversity

Reduce the impact of a single point of failure

Some businesses back up their primary connectivity with a second wired connection from another provider, but what if they both go down at the same time? Pairing your wired Internet connection with redundant wireless access can increase your chances of maintaining business continuity.

Share your Wi-Fi

Keep your business up and running

Maintain business transactions while staying productive and keeping customers satisfied with Wireless Backup service from Bell.

Why Bell is better for Wireless Backup

An experienced network transformation partner

We offer expert architecture design and technology integration for network, cloud, security, 5G and more.

Reliability your business can count on

Security and redundancy are built into our network to ensure your connectivity solutions are available when you need them.

World-class networks

We have Canada’s largest fibre and fastest wireless networks1 and invest $4 billion annually to deliver speed, performance and reliability.

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  1. Based on a third party score (Global Wireless Solutions OneScore™) calculated using wireless network testing in Canada against other national wireless networks. See