Connect all your users’ devices easily with Bell Managed LAN

Keep pace with all the laptops, phones and other devices that need to connect to your local network with Bell Managed LAN. It provides the ports you need so users can connect multiple devices to the Internet, and is a perfect complement to our Managed WAN and Managed Wi-Fi services.

How your business can benefit from Bell Managed LAN

Get a cost-effective, end-to-end solution for building a local area network that seamlessly connects your users and devices to the Internet.

Maximum scalability

Get the network your business needs

Our experts can help you set up a private network to securely host your critical business applications, or a public network your guests can use. We’ll also provide the right switching hardware to cover networks of any size or complexity – from a single room to a multi-building campus.

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Centralized dashboard

Gain greater visibility into your LAN devices

See all your managed LAN services in action and respond faster to changing conditions in your network through our comprehensive, cloud-based dashboard. From one centralized location, you can also control the applications that access your network, prioritizing ones that are critical to business success.

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Expert management

Take the burden off your in-house IT team

Let our experts handle your LAN security and administration remotely. We can help you define network policies for your employees and customers. We’ll also take care of incident notifications, change management, proactive maintenance and more.

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Enhanced productivity

Improve the performance of your LAN

We simplify device prioritization by intelligently classifying different kinds of traffic across your network, improving LAN performance and user experience. By having our experts handle the management and monitoring of your LAN switches across all your sites, you can focus on more important business priorities.

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What you get with Bell Managed LAN

Bell Managed LAN is ideal for businesses that use Bell connectivity solutions for multiple LAN devices. You get power- over-Ethernet-capable switches that let you add more ports to your network so users can take all their devices online. This fully-managed service also includes:

Simultaneous configuration and provisioning of multiple ports

Intelligent traffic identification and classification

24/7 support

Service change requests and service performance reporting via the Bell Self Serve Centre

Unified cloud-based visibility and control across all your LAN network services

Event and incident monitoring and management from certified experts

Next business-day repairs (four hour mean-time-to-repair support also available)

Why Bell is better for Managed LAN

An experienced network transformation partner

We offer expert architecture design and technology integration for network, cloud, security, 5G and more.

Leading IT expertise

With 3,000+ network professionals, we can design and deploy the right solutions for your business.

End-to-end management and support

We can manage and optimize your solutions, with 24/7 bilingual support available whenever you need help.

World-class networks

We have Canada’s largest fibre and fastest wireless networks1 and invest $4 billion annually to deliver speed, performance and reliability.

Robust partner ecosystem

Our solutions are built on strategic partnerships with industry-leading vendors to provide best in class, transformative solutions.

Accelerate your digital resiliency with a cloud-centric business model

Bell, IDC and some of our distinguished technology partners explore the topic of digital resiliency.

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Learn what cloud-managed Wi-Fi can do for your business

Find out what an advanced Wi-Fi network needs to deliver to meet expectations, and how a managed services approach can simplify network management and benefit businesses in any sector.

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1. Based on a third party score (Global Wireless Solutions OneScore™) calculated using wireless network testing in Canada against other national wireless networks. See