Fast, secure and reliable private connectivity

A fully-managed private network infrastructure

Support all your enterprise applications with a single IP VPN solution. Bell brings the speed, performance and reliability you need for your voice, video and data traffic, managing every aspect of your private network so your IT team can focus on other tasks.

Combining flexible private IP networking with the resilience of optical networks in an optimized wide area network (WAN) infrastructure, Bell makes it easy to connect office locations, branches as well as customer, partner and supplier sites.

How your business can benefit from Bell IP VPN service

Extensive reach

Guaranteed uptime

Secure data

Controlled costs

Key capabilities of Bell IP VPN service

Fast speeds

Service classes

Wireless LTE


Shared Internet

Get the speed your business needs

Bell IP VPN service lets you choose from a broad range of connection speeds – up to 10 Gbps – with five classes of service to optimize the performance of your business applications.

Multiple classes of service

Bell offers five distinct classes of service for your IP VPN network, all designed to help you use your bandwidth with maximum efficiency. We can help you select the right class of service depending on your seasonal cycles and ensure you’re ready to deal with unforeseen demand.

If you subscribe to other Bell services such as Bell Total Connect or Bell SIP Trunking, we also offer a single premium class of service that lets you aggregate data and voice traffic with your other voice traffic over a single access connection.

Wireless LTE access

If you want backup connectivity for your IP VPN service or an extension to locations not easily served by traditional access, we can provide MPLS connections over LTE. Choose the right Bell Mobility data plan for your requirements and we’ll provide the connection. We can even pool your data plans for multiple sites under a single billing account number.

Flexible diversity

Bell offers higher per-site availability and flexible diversity scenarios. Whether you have two always-on links or a second link in standby mode, our diversity options help you avoid network outages – saving you time and money. We also offer a wireless option as a secondary link

Shared Internet access

Provide secure Internet access to your head office and all branches through your VPN and eliminate the need for firewalls at each location.

Why Bell is better for IP VPN

Canada’s most advanced fibre optic network

With the largest all-optical network in the country and access points in more than 100 Canadian cities and across the globe, you can do everything from point-of-sale transactions to data uploads, backups, file sharing and more.

End-to-end management

With Bell IP VPN service, you get a fully-managed, end-to-end solution including the required equipment. Plus, our portal allows you to monitor the performance of your IP VPN service so you can retain visibility and control.

Connectivity you can count on

24/7 monitoring and technical support, a four-hour mean time to repair (MTTR) and performance guarantees give you the reassurance that, should issues arise, your business will be taken care of.

Rely on our expertise

With more than 3,000 certified professionals across the country, we can help design, implement and manage the IP VPN solution that best fits your needs

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