Low-latency, point-to-point connectivity

Get high-bandwidth WAN performance between your business locations for all your mission-critical applications

The Bell Ethernet service provides high-bandwidth, wide-area connectivity that’s ideal for collaboration and information sharing throughout your organization, data centre connectivity and LAN-SAN networking. It runs on our next-generation Carrier Ethernet core network, which features guaranteed availability and the largest fibre footprint in Canada. You’ll get the speed, low latency, reliability and security your business needs so your employees can collaborate with each other quickly, safely and productively regardless of distance or the complexity of the applications they use. Plus, you retain control of critical functions like IP addressing and firewall management, enabling you to customize your network topology and control costs.

How your business can benefit from Bell Ethernet service

Superior reach

Guaranteed performance

Scalable and secure

Standards compliance

Key capabilities of the Bell Ethernet service

Fast speeds

Virtual LANs

Flexible services

24/7 help desk

Robust reporting

Bandwidth options up to 10 Gbps

Optimize data throughput and control your costs with flexible bandwidth options and multiple classes of service. Choose speeds from 1 Mbps to 10 Gbps – and easily add incremental bandwidth when you need it.

Virtual local area networks (VLANs)

Improve the security, scalability and flexibility of network service delivery by sorting users and applications into distinct, needs-based groups.

Flexible service options

With flexible features and classes of service at all bandwidth levels, it’s easy to customize your Ethernet service for optimal performance. Choose Standard service for email and file transfers, Business Priority for VoIP and video, and Near-Real Time for high-speed data centre connectivity and storage area networking.

Single point of contact

Network management and support from skilled technical personnel – available 24/7 through our help desk.

Service availability and performance reporting

Track your daily and monthly usage and review stats on service availability and mean time to repair (MTTR). You can also access service performance reports to monitor class of service parameters like latency, jitter and packet loss. With Bell, you always have insight into the state of your network.

Why Bell is better for business Ethernet

Canada’s most advanced fibre optic network

With the largest all-optical network in the country and access points in more than 100 Canadian cities and across the globe, you can do everything from point-of-sale transactions to data uploads, backups, file sharing and more.

Rely on our expertise

With more than 3,000 certified professionals across the country, we can help design, implement and manage the Ethernet solution that best fits your needs.

Connectivity you can count on

24/7 monitoring and technical support, a four-hour mean time to repair (MTTR) and performance guarantees give you the reassurance that, should issues arise, your business will be taken care of.

Leader in innovation

We invest more than $3 billion each year in our network to ensure you can always count on Bell for unparalleled speed, performance and reliability.

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