Aggregate and analyze data for a smarter supply chain.

Manage driver behaviour, vehicle telematics, and cargo temperature conditions from a single platform

With Smart Supply Chain powered by Bell IoT Smart Connect, get a unified view of your trucks, trailers, drivers and cargo in one platform. This solution uniquely aggregates multiple IoT data sources and operational data sets into a single view.

The dashboard provides a visual overview of all events, incidents and alerts across your entire fleet, so fleet managers can ensure that drivers reach their destination on time and that cargo is stored and transported safely.

Optimize supply chain and distribution operations with data-driven insights

Optimize supply chain and distribution operations with data-driven insights

Read this e-book to discover how the platform can provide you with greater insight into your fleet to support a wide range of functions.

How your business can benefit from a Smart Supply Chain

Supply chain visibility

Reduce spoilage

Improve safety

Simplify compliance

Enhance customer experience

Supply chain use cases



Transportation and freight carriers

Smart Supply Chain simplifies the management of your fleet, with intuitive visual driver scorecards and fleet management information. You can get telematics and maintenance issue alerts, and manage unsafe driver behaviours. For transporters hauling non-durable goods, Smart Supply Chain also integrates cold chain data, providing smart alerts if you are exceeding temperature thresholds.

Monitored by cargo owners

Smart Supply Chain allows cargo owners to track the cold chain conditions inside their trailers while being hauled by carriers or third-party logistics partners. The temperature data is contextualized with your operational data, with the capability to automatically set a temperature threshold based on the specific cargo being transported.

Why Bell is better for business

First carrier to offer an aggregator platform

Bell is the first Canadian carrier to offer a dedicated IoT platform for advanced analytics and insight into cold-chain transportation, driver behaviours, and fleet management.

Canada’s largest LTE network1

Monitor all your trucks with confidence, no matter where they travel, with 66% more LTE coverage than the next leading competitor, on Canada’s largest LTE network.

Secure by design

As a leading managed security service provider, we implement robust security controls and cyber resilience strategies that will provide protection and privacy of customer data throughout its lifecycle.

Developed, managed, and supported by Bell

Smart Supply Chain was developed using certified partner solutions and delivered as a managed service with a single point of contact. Bell will provide end-to-end support across hardware, software and network.

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(1)Based on total square km of coverage on the shared LTE network available from Bell vs. Rogers’ LTE network. See for details.