Keep your roadways and citizens safe with a road weather
information system.

Data-driven road maintenance to keep your city moving safely.

Canadian roadways face an incredible range of weather year-round, and road authorities collectively spend $1.3 billion and use 5 million tonnes of road salt annually to keep drivers moving safely. Several road authorities have been exploring ways to reduce their road salt usage, due to chloride contamination environmental concerns and the risks of road salt supply shortages. Bell’s Economical Road Weather Information System (EcoRWIS) is an economical alternative to traditional towered RWIS stations, capturing a simplified set of essential data from roadside sensors that can feed into weather and road forecasts. This data allows agencies to improve road maintenance efficiency by optimizing treatment routes and mixtures, resulting in agency and societal benefit-cost ratios of up to 40:1.

How your city can benefit from a road weather information solution

Safer roads

Environmental protection

Resource efficiencies

Use cases

Public roads and highways


Public transit and schools


Public roads and highways

Public roadways are used by citizens, visitors, commercial, and emergency vehicles every day. Canadian road weather is variable and can severely impact safety and mobility. Detailed and timely RWIS data helps road crews better respond to and treat road conditions.


Airports have complex underlying infrastructure to enable safe and efficient travel for passengers. Arrival and departure road networks, the apron, taxiways, and runways are all subject to variable weather conditions. RWIS helps crews monitor surface conditions and quickly respond with a targeted approach.

Public transit and schools

Public transit agencies and school buses provide important services to citizens. Transit agencies and school boards closely monitor road conditions during weather events to ensure the safety of their staff and the public. Municipalities with RWIS can remotely provide decision makers with real-time data to inform their route detour and cancellation decisions.

Educational and corporate campuses

Large university, college, and corporate campuses have many roads and walkways. Campus maintenance crews can use RWIS to monitor surface conditions, and take timely and targeted steps to maintain safe travel for pedestrians and vehicles.

Why Bell is best for your city

World-class network

Power your solutions with Canada’s best national network for IoT1 which outperforms all other national wireless carriers for combined data, reliability and network coverage.
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Integrated Smart City Platform

Get one integrated view of smart city solutions and open-source city data to drive better decision-making and enhance the ongoing efficiency of city operations.

Leader in security

Our highly secure private infrastructure and team of 400+ accredited security professionals help keep your data safe.

End-to-end support

We offer professional installation, maintenance, and support for EcoRWIS. Our experienced Professional Services team can support any custom requirements or API integrations your city requires.

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  1. Based on a third party score (Global Wireless Solutions OneScore™) calculated using wireless network testing in Canada against other wireless networks of combined data, voice, reliability and network coverage. See for details.