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Bell Total Connect support

Bell Total Connect installation

How to prepare for your Bell Total Connect installation

To get your business up and running on the scheduled installation date, ensure the following:

  • Have someone onsite for the duration of the installation (approx. four to eight hours) in case the technician has any questions.
  • If electrical wires need to be fished through walls, coordinate this with an electrician before your installation (our technicians are not authorized to do this). There must be power outlets to complete installation.
  • If you do not own your business property, have your landlord authorize the installation of new wiring, including drilling if needed.
  • The technician has access to your building’s utilities (e.g., the electrical room).
  • Your computers and analog phones are turned on and easily accessible (e.g. move any furniture out of the way).
  • Power outlets are available near your computers and where your analog phones will be installed (power bars are not included in the installation).
  • If you use a router other than the one supplied by Bell, have your user ID and password on hand so that you will not need to reset your password when your new modem is set up.
  • Once the Bell technician has completed the installation, you will be able to log into the Bell Total Connect portal to set up your voicemail and start managing your calling features right away. Your login credentials would have been sent to you by email.